About Us

The Medi-Map platform manages all aspects of medication in a facility based environment. Charting, administration, E-Prescribing, supply and communication are integral components which allow a transparent, seamless provision of medication care for each person.

Medi-Map recognizes the need in the healthcare sector for auditing and reporting and has developed tools and the ability for facility management to generate reports at individual facility level or at a wider corporate level on all aspects of medicine management.

Medication Management is a critical component for any care organisation that administers or has oversight of medication for any person in their care. Medi-Map is designed to be user friendly software that reduces the risk of medication incidents significantly.

Medi-Map is a comprehensive system that delivers not only electronic charting and administration of medicine, but also provides the following efficiency and administrative benefits:

One Source of Truth


  • Prescribers can update/authorise/rewrite medicine charts from any location. Medi-Map has approval for electronic prescriber signatures.
  • There is only ever ONE medication chart for a person. Prescriber, Facility and Pharmacy all refer to the same charted information (single source of truth).
  • Medication chart changes are automatically notified to the pharmacy in real time.
  • Resupply from pharmacy is live and triggered by facility staff in real time
  • Nurse Initiated Medicine (Standing Orders) Optional according to policy.
  • Messaging between Facility-Pharmacy-Prescriber within the interface.
  • Full Audit log of system use. Audit reports on other changes within the resident profile details including Allergy addition and removal.
  • Handover functionality showing chart changes made over the last 24 hours by prescribers in each facility area and, PRN medicines administered summary list for easy addition of outcome or for discussion at handover.
  • Medi-Map Mobile App for internet or power outage solution.
  • Resident Data recording and graphing. E.g. Weight, BGL, Pain, pulse etc. (viewable by Prescriber also).
  • Syringe Driver Module- recording construction of driver, start and stop of driver and observations.


Medi-Map has full online learning resources available to all users at all times