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So we go from the general to the particular. I’m not going to tell you exactly what to put (you remember, intellectual honesty) but keep these ideas in mind: You talk about yourself, what interests you, your heart, what defines you today. It goes from the sport you practice to the associations you support, to the instrument you play, to the journeys that have allowed you to progress in one language. However, do not tell all your thrilling life, keep in for the oral. Make synthetic about a small paragraph. Then follow up on what makes you consider. Describe what attracts you, how is it compatible with what you have defined as “you”, what you are looking for. You can also present your professional project if it is already clear. If you do not have one, it is absolutely not prohibitive, just talk about the course you are going to essaysinformation. You must show that you need this School and no other. (Even if we imagine that your second wish is a sublime, well-known prep, do not say it, unless you are asked to do it at the Oral, but be prepared to answer “So why Sciences Po?”). it is at Sciences Po that you will be able to accomplish your project. Do you really ask the question “Why? And just be honest, you’re not doing it for anything.

The Medi-Map platform manages all aspects of medication in a facility based environment. Charting, administration, supply and communication are integral components which allow a transparent, seamless cascade of care for each resident.

Medi-Map recognizes the need in the health and care sector for auditing and reporting and has developed audit tools and the ability for facility management to generate reports at individual facility level or at a wider corporate level.

Medi-Map has electronic prescription integration which enables prescriptions to be generated for supply from a pharmacy electronically once the prescriber has charted the medication or completed a scheduled medication review.
  • A prescriber can receive the medication chart record into the Practice Management System as part of the electronic prescription integration as well as being able to communicate instantly with the pharmacist and facility nurse regardless of physical location.
  • Facility administration of medication is recorded (including medicines withheld, refused, resident off-site and not administered) with the ability to record a reason for each action.
  • Full reporting module – Administration records, time frames for administration, full identification on who is doing what, medicine reports based on an individual resident or facility
  • Corporate view function – enables management to generate reports over a group of facilities to track KPIs, monitor staff activity and productivity
  • Offline function available for tablet devices, used in power or internet outage
  • Stock control module for ward/impress stock in hospital level care facilities
  • PRN’s – administration, recording and the ability request resupply from pharmacy “live”. Medi-Map calculates the appropriate quantity based on actual consumption as a recommended quantity for reorder to reduce over or under supply. Resupply requests are tracked. Medi-map tracks who requested the PRN from the facility, the quantity, pharmacy status on supply and when stock is received into the facility
  • Non-packed regular medicine e.g. inhalers, if no action is recorded the administrator is prompted to assign an action before they can move on
  • Instant messaging capability – between facility, pharmacy and prescriber- share notes and notifications
  • Prescribers can log onto Medi-map from any location they have internet or data
  • eScript enabled
  • Pending start or stop at next pharmacy pack cycle ability for the prescriber
  • Chart changes by the prescriber are automatically notified to pharmacy and facility. Information is always up to date