2 March 2020

Approved “Signature Exempt’ status for all e-Presciptions created in Medi-Map in New Zealand

1 November 2019

Expanded e-Script integration approved in New Zealand. Medi-Map has full eScript capability creating electronic prescriptions from the interface for all categories of medicines

1 October 2019

Paperless claiming trial in Australia extended by the DOH

2 September 2019

Addiction service pilot is widened.

1 August 2019

Medi-Map usage in aged care in NZ passes 65% of all facilities

3 June 2019

Addiction service pilot goes live

1 March 2019

Medi-Map approved by Australian DOH for participation in the ‘Paperless Claiming Trial’ – removing all prescription requirements for selected trial sites when Medi-Map is in use

1 February 2019

Pilot process started for new Addiction Services module, bringing addition clinics, prescribers and pharmacies into a shared platform specifically designed for managing these medicines and clients

1 October 2018

Integration with further clinical care solutions

1 August 2018

Integration project in Australia with MyHR

1 June 2018

Start on Concerto integration in NZ

1 May 2018

Release of the Addiction Service module in NZ for first DHB pilot

1 February 2018

Development of patient mobile app for community patients to be bought into Medi-Map

1 October 2017

Community Care organisations start using Medi-Map

1 September 2017

Paperless claiming process being developed with Federal and State governments in Australia

1 July 2017

Full roll out in Australia in progress with first 10 sites live

25 January 2016

First Australian Trial Site running in Canberra

1 October 2015

Medi-Map gains approval to NZePS integration (eScript) allowing Medi-Map to manage the prescriptions for residents electronically. This feature also begins the ability for Medi-Map to copy the chart medicine details back to the prescriber Practice Management system automatically updating the medicine list. The testing of this functionality will be done over November and December 2015 with full roll out in early 2016

1 April 2015

Medi-Map launches Ward Stock control and stock taking to allow facilities to manage the ward stock medicines with integrated reordering to pharmacy. This allows controls to be introduced around the large quantities of loose medicines held in facility medicine cupboards

10 January 2015

Launch of the ability for Doctors to forward date a medicine start and stop providing medicine waste reduction and reduction in medicine pack changes by pharmacies

10 September 2014

Medi-Map launches “Off Line” functionality – allowing the cloud based solution to be run with no power or internet connectivity ensuring the system can be used IT outage situations and disasters.

7 August 2014

Medi-Map receives Exemption from the NZ Ministry of Health and National Health Board for exemption from elements of the Medicines Care Guides for Residential Aged Care to Aged Related Residential Care Facilities (ARCC) who use Medi-Map Cloud software solution for medication charting and management

10 February 2012

Medi-Map implements medication administration recording and tracking with full audit reporting

13 July 2011

Medi-Map starts development of a cloud based medicine charting solution.