“The ease of use, live accessibility to our GPs and pharmacists and monitoring capabilities make this software invaluable”

Real-time medication management, focus on resident care.

Medi-Map Medication Chart

  • Complainant with NZ MoH e-Chart requirements
  • Prescriber managed, updated in real time
  • Automatic notification when changes are made
  • Completely paperless system

Administration Module

  • User friendly, clear and easy to read
  • Medication images for identification
  • Double sign prompt
    • Patch Management
    • Short Course Medications
    • Palliative syringe driver module

Handover Summary

  • Changes to medication in the last 24 hours
  • Integrated medicine information from the NZ Formulary, NZULM and Pharmac
  • PRN administration summary – simple to add outcome

Comprehensive Reporting

  • Medi-Map has a suite of reports across a range of categories
  • Reports include medicine focused, resident centric, medication chart and audit tools
  • Reports that support Quality Agency requirements for mandatory reporting are available

No Power ?

No Internet?

No Problem…..

MM-GO Mobile App
Offline medication administration