“Gone are the days of writing new medical charts frequently. This has improved patient care and time management, as I now have much more time to concentrate on residents rather than paper.”

Let Medi-Map take the pressure off, manage charts electronically.

Electronic Medication Chart

  • Update in real time
  • Intuitive easy to use software
  • Moderated by prescriber
  • Review prompt, simple 1 click to complete review
  • Pharmac and NZULM integrated; funded items highlighted
  • E-Prescribing approved and Signature Exempt in New Zealand

Decision Making Support

  • Medication information – access to NZ Formulary
  • Visibility of medication administration history
  • Summary of PRN medications given in the last 24hrs
  • View of recorded vitals

Safe and Secure

Using Microsoft Azure infrastructure, all patient data is held securely and accessed with 2 Step authentication and Azure Active Directory.