What Our Customers say (4 mins)

Masonic Villages Trust

“Giving patients their medications has become a simpler, safer process with Medi-Map, an internet-based platform that is being adopted by all Masonic Care facilities.
Masonic Court in Palmerston North was the first of the Trust’s care facilities to use Medi-Map. Nurse manager Barbara Mouat says the decision to do so was driven by the desire to minimise the risk of errors.”

Walls and Roche Pharmacy

“We have worked with Medi-map since its inception. It has revolutionised drug charts. Electronic drug charts allow real time access, giving my staff time efficiencies during the day.
We know that the Medi-map chart is always accurate as we are always notified of any change and only the Dr can change it. Our facilities tell us that the administration rounds now take less time and medication errors have dropped significantly. Medi-map is the future.”

Dr Tim Jefferies- General Practitioner

“I have been using Medi-map for a long time now with my local rest home. I have found it easy to learn, and it has really helped us more safely manage the medications for my residents. I can chart medications from anywhere I have access to a PC or tablet. I have found the team at Medi-map very obliging and responsive to my needs, and would recommend it to other rest homes”